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Discovery Puglia identifies itself in the values and principles of a "territory tourism", which is not well defined or regulated yet but it's with no doubt a form of responsible and sustainable tourism. Responsible tourism is often associated with travels to developing countries and this is why territory tourism seems a more fitting definition and suitable for any region.

As stated by the Italian Association of Responsible Tourism on 9 October 2005 in Cervia, "Responsible tourism is tourism implemented according to principles of social and economic justice and in full respect for the environment and cultures. Responsible tourism recognizes the centrality of local host community and its right to be a leader in sustainable tourism development and socially responsible for its own territory. It promotes the positive interaction between tourist industry, local communities and visitors."

Similarly, sustainable tourism is the presence of tourist services and facilities designed not to penalize or destroy the landscape, the sea and the environment. The principle of sustainable tourism has been defined in 1988 by the Tourism World Organisation: "Tourism activities are sustainable when they develop in order to last for an unlimited time in a tourist area, they do not alter the environment (natural, social and artistic) and they do not restrict or inhibit the growth of other social and economic activities."

The territory tourism is therefore one of these forms of tourism, as it is the proposal that a tour operator as Discovery Puglia offers to people who want to travel in a responsible manner with no damage to the tourist destination.

Moreover, the territory tourism is characterized by direct contact with the people and the different aspects of a place, offering a travel experience different from the usual mass tourism standards.

The territory (ie the place visited, with its artistic, natural and human highlights) represents an opportunity to be explored according to the different interests of tourists and a chance to have a real contact with different lifestyles.

Apulia is a perfect destination for this type of tourism because it is a land still very tied to its past and its traditions and it does its best to preserve the onsite natural, artistic and cultural resources.

Discovery Puglia wants to offer visitors not just a holiday but a true experience, with a direct contact with people from Puglia, their lifestyle and their land.

Apulia satisfies multiple types of interest, not only artistic and historical, but also natural and cultural interests. From north to south, the region has parks and protected areas, marine reserves and caves and a unique rural landscape with trulli, dry stone walls, caves, ravines and sinkholes. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the life in a farm by participating to its activities or to watch oil, wine or mozzarella makers.

Also by choosing the local specialties visitors can support the host area. Many tourists like to personally follow cooking lessons during their stay.

In short, for a tourism that fully respects the territory, you don't need to give up comfortable and luxurious holidays, but just be ready to be enriched by the people and the beauties in front of you.

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