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A quick drive through the Tuscan Hills around Florence!

This is a no-frills tour for those who want to experience the fun of driving a vintage FIAT 500, at a reasonable price. Come with us and spend two hours of real fun! Our Quickie starts by getting introduced to your car with a short drive to get an Italian breakfast of cappuccino and croissant.

Once we’re all fueled up, our drive into the Tuscan hills begins with a cruise through the most beautiful and hidden roads of the Tuscan countryside. The road will lead us by olive groves, vineyards, medieval castles, hillside villa estates and breathtaking panoramic views of Florence.

This tour is made for those who want to make the most of their time in Tuscany by enjoying a car ride in true Italian style. Driving your vintage Fiat 500 will be an adventure you’ll never forget: we’ll guide you, take you to the places we love and give you assistance when needed. The way back is as enchanting as the way out, so you’re certain to enjoy every second of this exciting Italian-style driving adventure!


  • An exciting Italian-style driving adventure! Drive our vintage FIAT 500 and spend 2 hours of real fun through Tuscan hills!
  • Enjoy an authentic Italian breakfast!
  • An expert and knowledgeable tour leader, who will assist you during the whole trip

What´s included

  • Fully equipped private Fiat 500
  • Expert and knowledgeable assistant
  • Italian style breakfast (cappuccino and croissant)


  • An authorisation hold of 500€ per car will be placed at the beginning of the rental, as a deposit to cover for damages to the car caused by improper use by the customer; the customer is in any case held responsible for the full amount of the damage caused; the hold will be removed upon returning of the car without damage
  • The activity is not suitable for children under 18 years old
  • A valid driving licence is required
  • Stick shift experience required

Roaring engines of Italy


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